Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Differentiated Instruction Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Differentiated Instruction - Research Paper Example They can, therefore, assist in forming the basis on which professionalism exists, and work toward benefitting everyone. Many areas in the world today, need professional development. Professional development assists the organizations attain credibility and maintain a stand in the global market. This paper will examine one such area, and the implementations that help it get there. Professional development in the learning environment is an issue that affects many learning institutions, in present time. Teachers are a fundamental aspect in the learning sector. They form the basis by which many students and learners get the professional assistance they need. Teacher leaders are often looked for to bring order to the current learning environment. They work toward preparing everyone in and out of this environment on how to better themselves while learning. Their place in society dictates that their focus should be placed on both the learner, and their fellow teachers. In terms of educationa l activity, they are meant to steer the learning environment toward achieving the goals and objectives set (Bista & Glasman, 1998). It is this professionalism that promotes the learning environment into what the world expects to have. ... In order to have these objectives achieved, it is vital to know the task of teacher leaders in society, and the learning environment (Gregory, 2003). Their plans and ideas form the foundation on which interest groups relate with one another, and how well and fast they come together to achieve the common goal. One of the central purposes of the professional development plan is to bring out changes in how things operate. Learners need competent and effective teachers. Through the plan, the manner in which teachers are recruited, evaluated, and compensated will determine if learners get a competent and consistent teacher. This may form the grounds on which education facilitators reach out to their learners, and prepare them for the road ahead. This public sector needs to incorporate the learning environment to involve more people than just the learner and the teacher. By doing this, it is likely to have many other sectors replicate what is being done to better their current situations, and attain higher heights (Gregory, 2003). Another objective is to apply all the recommendations in a systematic manner. To do this, teacher leaders and all stakeholders must form a solid unit (Gonzalez & Lambert, 2001). It is not practical to have issues being implemented from every corner, and without caution to the repercussions. Teacher leaders should be more involved in the decision-making process. They must be present whenever decisions are being implemented. This is to agree or disagree with those that work, or do not work in their favor. If such an objective is achieved, teachers and all stakeholders can take accountability for all the actions that occur in the learning environment. This is with the decision-making

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