Saturday, November 2, 2019

Taha Computer Network Security Services Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Taha Computer Network Security Services - Essay Example Taha Company will also be concerned with the collective mechanisms and processes that will be involved in safeguarding the sensitive and valuable information from publication. This will help safeguard the information and the computers of the individuals and companies from physical damage.There are measures and plans in the future to offer other computer services to the clients. These other services include offering both the software and hardware maintenance and providing computer training to the individuals and the companies who are our clients.Taha Computer Security Service Company has a competitive advantage over any other business since there is none other company that offers computer security services in the region. The owners of computers and vital information have been exposed to both physical damages and other damages caused by malfunctions and Trojans, which have led to the loss of income of the individuals and companies.The company’s mission is to be an information te chnology ally to its clients and to provide computer security and protection to its clients in a wider market. This will only be achievable by an increment in the company’s returns, which will be used in expansion to other markets to provide these services. Our support services to help in the market capture and expansion include training, offers, and network services. The company will also seek for other new opportunities to be able to be competitive enough once other businesses invade the industry.

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