Thursday, August 22, 2019

Underage Drinking Essay Example for Free

Underage Drinking Essay The youth at this days is drinking much more than the youth in the past and this is a big problem because the world is having more criminality and deaths because of this. The number of women since 1977 to 1993 tripled and there are more men drinking than women. 5000 adolescents a year are death because of alcohol. A 60 percent of college women who had sexual transmitted diseases where on the influence of alcohol, 90 percent of the campus rapes were because or the victim or the aggressor were in the influence of alcohol. 5 percent of campus criminalities are because of the influence of alcohol. And also more than half of the students of 140 different colleges affirm that they get very drunk with alcohol and most of them don? t are twenty-one years old. 40 percent of students of 12th grade drink, more than 20 percent of 10th grade students drink, and almost 20 percent of 8th grade students drink; all this is only in the US and there are countries with more drunk students. The consequences of this are:Â  In the brain: adults can have problems with long term memory and long term thinking, adolescents have more problems, because they have this and almost always they show long-lasting harm from alcohol as they grow. In the liver: they have high liver enzymes what shows heavy liver damage, and sometimes obesity. In growth and endocrine effects: puberty is an age in which there are many changes and growth. With alcohol this growth is not complete and it may trouble the generation of hormones necessary for organs, muscles, and bones. In addition it may be problematic with the maturation or reproductive organs. In conclusion, there are more people that drink that in the past and this is very bad because they hurt them, also their victims, the family of their victims, and even their own family so we have to find a solution for this. Also the death of the young people is increasing and there are more people dying also because of car crashes and criminalities.

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