Monday, October 7, 2019

000 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

000 - Essay Example Moreover, this thesis looks more like a fact which cannot be argued. Yes, new power sources for cars appear, such as electric batteries and hydrogen fuel cells. But no one can argue that, this statement won’t cause a debate. The author could have restated the thesis and make it more debatable. For instance, â€Å"the appearance of these new power sources in the auto industry generates a number of questions concerning safety, effectiveness and convenience of their usage†. And then the author would continue his/her essay, describing pros and cons of these new sources. In this essay there are some good justifications that using electric engines and hydrogen fuel cells might be inconvenient and even dangerous. 2) The author’s counterarguments are the disadvantages of new power sources for cars. Throughout the author’s main point is that gas energy won’t be used in the near future, because it is expensive and pollutes the nature. He/she argues that electric engines and hydrogen fuel cells are better choices. There are some counterarguments, but they are scattered throughout the essay. The author claims, that despite the benefits of new sources, some problems may arise. With electric cars the problem is, firstly, the exorbitant price, and secondly, the need to charge it all the time. In the case of hydrogen fuel cells, the gallons might be explosive, so there is a need for a proper tool to fuel a car. The counterarguments are real – they are stated facts. 3) According to Joining Academic Conversations, there are several types of arguments: arguments from the heart, arguments based on value, on facts and reason, on character, proposals, stylish and humorous arguments. On the whole, I would say that his essay does not deserve the highest mark. It does not meet the standards of MLA format. Moreover, the thesis needs some revision, because it is simply restating a fact. And I would change the

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