Saturday, October 12, 2019

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Timeline Act 1: Scene 1: In the start of the book, the people take a holiday to celebrate Caesar's victory over Pompey in a civil war. They stand in the streets and wait for his arrival, and once he gets to the city, they throw a huge party. Scene 2: On the same day, Caesar attends a party and receives a warning from a small old man saying to beware the ides of March. Later in the chapter Cassius tries to turn Brutus against Caesar. Later in the scene they agree to meet again to talk about Caesar. Scene 3: There is a huge storm in the beginning of the scene, and Cassius thinks it a sign that Caesar must be killed. The two agree that Caesar must not be allowed to continue to rule and later discuses how they will kill Caesar. Act 2: Scene 1: Cassius sends a letter to Brutus saying that he should kill Caesar for Rome, and then later in the act they meet to make their final preparations. Caesar’s wife thinks that Caesar is hiding something and wants to know what is wrong. Scene 2: Caesar was planning on going to go to the Capitol, but Calpurnia tells him to stay home because of so many death threats and warnings they have gotten. Caesar stays home with her, until Decius convinces him that he needs to be at the Capitol. Scene 3: Artemidorus finds a letter that shows proof that a lot of people are going to kill Caesar, he goes to the Capitol to go find Caesar and show him the letter. But sadly, can’t find Caesar in time. Scene 4: Portia sends her servants to go see what is happening at the Capitol to make sure everything is alright with Caesar. Then she meets someone, who tells her more about the danger that Caesar will be facing. Act 3 Scene 1: The Soothsayer and Artemidorus try to warn Caesar outside the Capitol, but he ... ...rge role in making the rise of the Roman Empire. If Caesar wouldn’t have been as big as a figure he was, he might not have had much of an effect on Rome; therefore his ideas would have never been thought of or accepted by the higher population and people in Rome. Caesar had two children with the names of Caesarion and Julia Caesaris. Caesarion was his son and Julia Caesaris was his daughter. Caesar also had a wife by the name of Calpurnia Pisonis. Caesar was killed by many people who thought that if he was to become leader of Rome that he would become a dictator and overthrow the Republic. So many senators got together in one room with him, and stabbed Caesar to death. With Caesar dead, the Roman community was mortified, they soon went against the conspirators and joined Antony’s side to track down the conspirators and bring them to justice for killing Caesar.

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