Friday, October 4, 2019

Reflection paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 5

Reflection paper - Essay Example Aside from this, there are issues in identifying who is at risk since adolescents are commonly identified in the criteria. The chapter suggests that all youth must be included as long as they manifest the behavioral signs. The common mistakes made in assessing youth-at-risk is placing focus on either cause or effect rather than establishing the relationship between the two factors . Also explored in the chapter are questions on measuring resiliency and its connection to the development of a prevention program. Moreover, a clear distinction of whether crisis prevention or crisis management must be set before initiating a program. In the first place, the manual’s emphasis is more on prevention , rather than management. The chapter is helpful in establishing foundational perspectives, identifying the youth, describing populations, and identifying behavioral and causal characteristics. It is also emphatic in stating that family, school, peer group, society are causal factors for the youth-at-risk. Nevertheless, the chapter supports the idea that through sound prevention programs, the incidence of youth-at-risk can be minimized. The handling of youth-at-risk is a complicated task which is why chapter 1 suggested that the approach must be multi-disciplinary. For one, it was revealed that most schools are not ready to handle youth-at-risk. The school cannot place the burden on the school counselor alone to handle all the problems of youth-at-risk. In fact, the success of Spring High school’s mentoring program that encouraged the student’s to stay in school was an effort from many mentors like classroom teachers ( Murray, 2009 ). The school must develop a sound conceptual framework that involves teachers committed to encouraging students to stay in school despite the difficulties that they encounter. Second, developing a prevention

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