Saturday, October 5, 2019

The Effect of Class Size on Student Achievement Dissertation

The Effect of Class Size on Student Achievement - Dissertation Example Therefore, it can be said that, though no significant relation of the class size to student success has been found, a smaller size of the class is preferred by people involved in the learning process. This can be explained by the fact that a smaller number of students makes it easier for a teacher to work with the group. In addition, students feel more comfortable emotionally and psychologically when studying in a smaller class. However, it should be mentioned that the limitations of the research do not allow to make any categorical or ultimate claims. First of all, the number of sample groups is not large enough to reach the statistically significant research results. Secondly, due to a great number of variables, such as differences in students’ prior knowledge, educational and social background, as well instructors’ teaching experience, no statistically grounded argument can be drawn out of the research. Furthermore, another limitation of the study is that there is no knowledge of how the same student would perform in a differently sized type of a class. Therefore, a greater and longer research should be carried out in order to give a definite answer to the question of whether class size influences student’s academic performance. It would be assumed that the hypothesis would have to be rejected. The majority of the people were strongly for reducing class size. It was proven in many studies that the overall progress of students, including achievement levels, did improve in smaller classes. So, the literature review suggests that the hypothesis should be rejected. However, the results of the carried out by me research have shown different results, which, actually, can be used to support the hypothesis. Still, as the analysis of the research suggests, the amount of data received does not allow making any statistically grounded claims. Although I do believe that Grant County high school teachers and students could benefit from a reduction in

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