Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Paraphrasing Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Paraphrasing - Assignment Example According to reliable source, it is asserted that both security and commercial building communications services are very significant. They primarily help in performing day to day tasks as well as occupant security in ever association. In this essay, issues related to both Commercial building communications and security services will be discussed. Further, this report portrays a multi story level 32 offices, that has been linked with building communication systems, emergency warning systems, MATV, audio visual design layouts, and then it will emphasize on a point of ensuring all the systems are well staged in the building. Experts affirm that there are several components that are significant when evaluating the above phenomenon. The components ensure that the occupants’ requirements as well as their expected standards have been met. The following are some few aspects that that a building that has tenants needs to have; the first is, Telecommunication System, Master Antenna Tele vision, Emergency Warning System , Security Systems and lastly Audio Visual Systems. This being a type of guided transmission mediums, it should be acknowledged that cables are installed in a good way with the aim of transmitting electromagnetic waves. Therefore, from their role, they are known as electromagnetic wave guides. For a building made to accommodate tenants, it is advisable to ensure that the telecommunication cabling provides at least two communications outlets per every work station in open plan areas. Here, it should be noted for better electromagnetic wave transmission, then it should be noted a soft cabling scheme will bring out a better field of action. The soft cabling should use MUTOs for outlets that are plat-formed on telecommunication; this works bests in an open plan office area. Second, one telecommunication outlet should be provided that is per two persons seating in a meeting

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