Friday, October 18, 2019

Discussion Forum Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Discussion Forum - Coursework Example The contemporary curriculum provides a greater range of subjects; moreover, students of both sexes are given the same chances. Integrated Co-Teaching – ICT teaching has been introduced and is now considered to be an important part of daily life with a huge influence on future job prospects (PeÃŒ rez, 2013). In the past years, a teacher’s equipment entailed a chalk, a blackboard, and their subject knowledge. The students’ equipment usually consisted of a pencil/pen and paper/workbook (Arai, 2007). A current education system offers a variety of equipment that is largely influenced by technology. Items like whiteboard, projectors, tablets, and computers are commonplace and have expanded learning opportunities for students with different abilities. Many learning and teaching strategies incorporated in education system enhances learning to students with different capabilities (PeÃŒ rez, 2013). Online learning is also a major change in the education system that has evolved with technology. Elite schools and community colleges alike are currently offering online options, and these programs can be particularly attractive to mature students who have families and jobs. The students can access materials and do exams while far away from the learning institution. This has enhanced the efficiency as well as the effectiveness of learning (Conrad, 2005). Modern education system reveals more effectual teaching practices, better responsiveness to student needs, as well as adaptation to a fast-changing society that prepares students to utilize technology together with information as consumers, workers, and citizens is

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