Saturday, September 14, 2019

Advantage and Disadvantage of Owning Bicycle

It's easy to see the advantages of owning bicycle in close city for example Eskisehir. It has a lot of advantages on a lot of titles, although it has disadvantages about many titles. One of the main advantages of owning bicycle has not problem about traffic. you can ride a bike where cars is not driven and you can enter narrow street. another main advantage is being healtier than before cycling. you ride a bike with your leg and your leg's mussles also work and than it puts your blood pressure in order. In addition to this, fuel is unnecessary for cycling, so your money stays in your pocket. On the other hand cycling has some disadvantage. The main disadvantage is about weather so it is hard which is cycling at cold weather days especially in winter. Riding a bike can be responsible for getting cold. Another disadvantage is about speed. It is not for people who is loving speed also there is a problem about this title that it is very hard to go far away, cycling is for close towns. that is not all. there is one more problem about cycling that if you have an accident your body can be injured very badly. You can wear protect clothes although you may be injured very badly. In my opinion owning bicycle is good thing. In general, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. At least it is better than walking for transporting and than experts say that riding a bike one hour in a day is good for being healtier. The problem is that some people can be shy because of riding a bicycle but if you ask me I think they don't have to be shy for this transport style because it is not shameful thing. For this reason I invite everybody to cycle.

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