Monday, September 2, 2019

Padini SWOT Report Essay

Padini is a leading brand in Malaysia. There are wide range in style and pricing of the brands that PADINI carry on. Padini carries SEED, VINCCI, MikiHouse, P&Co, PDI, Padini Authentic and more. Their products not just stylish yet also neutral which is suitable for all type of consumers. Padini having more than 330 retail outlets in Malaysia and around the world of Padini Holding Berhad. Within these a lot of retail outlet, Padini is making sure that they are unbreakable for their competitors. We can found Padini outlet almost every shopping centre. Padini is among the famous brand established since 1971 in Malaysia. It strategically located factors and warehouses to ensure they having wide market coverage in Malaysia. Beside that, Padini always ensure the quality of their products is in higher aspect for their brand and in ouse brands under them, having good quality control. They also ensure their products is suitable for all ages of consumers, like Mikihouse selling child and mater nity wear, VINCCI selling lady accessories. The weakness of Padini Holding Berhad is the profit is unstable. The consumers spending the budget on garment are depending on the season. In Malaysia, the profit will be at the highest peak where there is festival season like Chinese New Year or Hari Raya. Another weakness of Padini is they have no online shopping website. For customer, they can just buy Padini’s product in stores which is not very convenient for the customer especially everyone are busy on working nowadays, they may have no free time to shopping. It also not all the customer is living in the city and near to shopping centre. Actually Padini can using the power as market leadership to expand their business. As a market leader in the retail business, Padini having a huge power and opportunity to expand their business to next level. Padini also can open more branches to cover loss of potential online customer. So far, Padini consider as a famous brand in retail business which is clothing, lady accessories, shoes, children’s and maternity wear and more. Within this areas of business, potential customer is more interested in window shopping rather than online shopping. We think it is a good strategy for PADINI to open more branches in order to attract their customers. Those improvement also will bring threats to Padini Holding Berhad. It will increase competition while they open more branches and expand their business. Competition is appear where there are numerous other brands which operate at the same location as Padini. The other brands compete not only for market share and floor space.Even though Padini have no celebrity endorsement, Padini still manage to be the led brand in Malaysia. So it means. the power of Padini this brand itself is powerful enough to cover the treats in the business. To strengthen their brand, Padini should consider offering a celebrity endorsement.

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