Saturday, September 28, 2019

Bernard Marx

Bernard is very inquisitive meaning he is curious about lots of things that h append in this society, like all the conditioning that people go through to make them idà ©e initial. On page 96 it states in the text, â€Å"Through his discomfort Bernard eagerly listened. † Bernard, who is trying to take a trip with Lenin Crowner to a savage reservation in New Mexico. Takes in his permit to the Director of Central London Hatchery and Condition Eng Centre. The director is kind of like the boss over all that happens in the conditioning p art of London.He notices where Bernard is going and started to tell him about the tit me that he went to the same reservation. His story about how he lost one of his many pa raters while hiking a mountain made Bernard uncomfortable but he was also intrigued ABA out the dangers that this place might hold. The Savage's lived very different and they were very Bishop 2 barbaric compared to how Bernard and the society he lived lived. Bernard WA .NET to hear or know what happened with the director at the reservation, he was very ANSI us to find out.Most people in this society aren't curious because they believe everything is perfect. Ir read on page 124, † So hard for me to realize,† Bernard was saying, â€Å"to re construct. As though we were living on different planets, in different centuries. A mother , and all this dirt, and gods, and old age, and disease†¦ † He shook his head ‘I It is almost inconceivable. I shall never understand, unless you explain. â€Å". Bernard is talking g to John, the savage. While they are walking at the savage reservation Bernard is confuse seed about how differently John lives than himself.Bernard feels like it is very lodestone d and alienated in a way. He is curious about how or even why people like John live t hat way while they could be part of a much more efficient society. He has a hard time believing that they like living that way and dwells on John to have him explain their way of life. Another time that Bernard had an act of inquisitiveness is on page 117. ‘Be rand's questions made a diversion. Who? How? When? From where? † Bernard and Enola are on the savage reservation. They just witnessed a whipping ceremony and a m an named John asks them if they were from the other land.Bernard wants to know how John knew hey were from the other land. He was curious about it and he was curious ABA out John himself. Another trait Bernard portrays throughout the story is that he is intellectual I or intelligent. On page 138 Bernard says â€Å"l wonder if you'd like to come back to L Indo with us? † John and Bernard are walking and talking in the savage reservation. In the Bishop 3 midst of them talking Bernard realizes that if he were to prove that John as the e director's son that the director might change his mind about sending Bernard to Iceland .He was using his intelligence to save him from leaving London. What the two men shar ed was the knowledge that they were individuals. † read on page 67. The two men are Bernard Marx and Hellholes Watson. They both fee el like they don't fit in and are different than everyone else. Other people are too dumb t o realize that they don't live in a perfect society and the way they live is very barbaric and in humane. It takes intelligence to prove that you can be greater than the average citizen. On page 47 it says â€Å"thought Bernard Marx, who was a specialist on hypo Eddie. Hypermedia or sleep teaching is a very complex way of operant conditioning Bernard Marx is the one who now's all the specifics about it. Which makes him have a higher intellectual level about how it works and what it is. Distinct is another trait that represents Bernard Marx. He is very different t Han everyone else, which makes him unique. On 149 director says â€Å"by his heretical I views on sport and soma, by the scandalous unorthodoxy sessile, by his refusal to obey the teaching of Ou r Ford and behave out of office hour and just got back from his vacation and was told to see the director.The director, in front of a whole fertilizing or explained how Bernard was unfit to cooperate in the society that they live in, and that it why he has to go to Iceland. The way he behaves and his beliefs are very much h different than every other citizen. Bishop 4 On page 60 it says â€Å"Bonito produced a phial â€Å"one cubic centimeter cures ten gloomy. † Bernard had suddenly turned and rushed away. † Bernard and Bent o are talking about Lenin, and Bonito notices that Bernard is uncomfortable and offers hi m some soma. Bernard is against Soma because it takes away real feelings.Everyone else in the society likes to take soma because it makes them happy. Bernard is different t Han them because he likes to feel both bad and good emotions where other people just like to feel good. It stated on page 64, â€Å"Barnyard's physique was hardly better than that of the a verage gamma. † Bernard is an Alpha, which is the most perfect and sophistic dated out of all the five castes in the society. Almost every Alpha is the same height and ha s similar characteristics. Bernard stands 8 centimeters short of the Average Alpha height HTH and is more slender in proportion.

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