Thursday, September 26, 2019

THE NATURE OF SPORT DEVELOPMENT WORK Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

THE NATURE OF SPORT DEVELOPMENT WORK - Essay Example a well co-ordinate programme of various multi sport activities under his territory and provide valued quality coaching in a pleasant and highly professional atmosphere which will ensure that all the participants are supervised and monitored in a suitable manner in the entire training period. To train on various sporting activities to young people in an environment that is safe and friendly to the young trainees. The office will be required to put much emphasis on the LTAD and the fundamental model to the target group this will help him in identifying the prevailing barriers that bars the disadvantaged young people from participating. The officer is responsible in developing and toughening associations with local sports clubs and the suitable partners in encouraging the continuing participation in the sporting activities thereby boosting the chances of sporting opportunities. Ensuring that the coaching provided is of the required quality. This will be much easier if the officer commits himself to a continuous professional development (CPD) programme which will guarantee better quality. Assisting in attainment of positive futures and other sports development programmes in the local authority. This will also enhance easier implementations of various events, festivals and the young people’s initiatives. The office bearer has all the duties of ensuring health and safety of trainees, visitors and other employees in line with the health and safety policies of the council which includes completing the risk evaluations at the required venues. The Leisure and Cultural Services Unit Community Sport Coach is responsible for the planning and co-ordination of events, coming up with well scheduled programmes evaluating them and later delivers them to be used by the participants. 2 The office works closely with the community, regional and provincial partners. The manager works closely with provincial, regional and community partners in the supporting and helping with

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