Wednesday, September 11, 2019

The climate emergency by Al Gore Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

The climate emergency by Al Gore - Assignment Example The main purpose of the research is to present that in his speech titled â€Å"The Climate Emergency†, Gore defines â€Å"climate emergency† as â€Å"a crisis with an unusual sense of emergency attached to it†. After the introduction of the subject matter, Gore discusses the process known as â€Å"greenhouse effect† and its causes. In this regard, he describes the major factors that contribute to the process of climate change and illustrates his words with a range of examples, such as the statistical data on the level of melting of glaciers in the Arctic. In addition to this, Gore states that climate change is directly caused by several cultural factors. In the second part of the speech, Al Gore analyzes three main causes of climate change, such as the growth of population, the rise of technology, and people’s way of thinking. With the growth of population, demand for resources (food, water, energy) increases and causes the decrease of supply of the se sources. New technology presents the humanity with new power (for example, nuclear warfare) and the consequences of its use are not usually taken into account. The final factor discussed by Gore in his speech is people’s way of thinking and their attitude toward the problem. More specifically, the author claims that people tend to think of climate change as of a slow process (even though its pace is rather high) and underestimate it consequences.

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