Friday, September 13, 2019

Critical Thinking Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 6

Critical Thinking - Essay Example The proposition has bureaucratic regulations and guidelines that do not guarantee that guardians are informed. It does not specify a person that will sign the mail, what will happen in case the mail delays, or if guardian is not at home, and if the teenage intercepts the letter. The propositions on my side only endanger the life our teens which can only be taken care of by a caring family. Additionally, the proposition does not protect the teens from the sexual predators and older men. There are already set up institutions that offer behavioral counseling and reporting illegal tasks and activities. Therefore, the proposition will not minimize the cases of teenage pregnancy and cannot force households to embrace communication because it is quite complex and unworkable and not confined on the predators. This will only put the teenagers at risk. Voting against means the teens will be safer and the freedom of choice will be protected. The proposition forces the teenagers to delay their m edical attention thereby suffering serious damages or consider committing suicide. Additionally, I would vote against the proposition since it puts the safety and health of the girls at stake. There is no single guideline that ensures good communication with a family. The only way that could minimize the issue of abortion and pregnancy is through caring, strong families and an outstanding sex education. In summary, I would vote against the proposition because there is no single law that will ensure communication within a family.

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