Thursday, September 26, 2019

Z-ch12 Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Z-ch12 - Case Study Example The main advantage is that it encourages relationship building that greatly facilitates in overcoming workplace conflicts and work cohesively. The major disadvantage is that lot of time is wasted on non core activities that delays the project outcome. It also increases the overall cost of the project which may or may not generate ideas with great market potential. In Clay Street, the most relevant aspect is the need to develop mental models for assigned tasks through activities that highlight the importance of cohesive team processes for optimal productivity. The length of time in Clay Street becomes irrelevant to wider goals and objectives of the team which is to evolve highly creative solution to the given problems. The various activities and processes help to develop a consistent environment of integrated work which relies on creative inputs from team members coming from diverse background. Moreover, it also helps inculcate mutual respect and confidence on the cultural competencies of members that are judiciously exploited by facilitators and team leaders to enhance team processes and its outcome. The constant interaction and critical thinking over the pros and con of the problem and tentative solutions also promote lateral thinking. This is important because often new perspectives and solution evolve not as well defined processes but as i nstances of ‘eureka moments’ could emerge as breakthrough ideas with immense potential. Hence, time is not as important as the fact that team members constantly brainstorm the problems and look for out of the box solutions. The core idea of Clay Street is to give freedom to team members to evolve new ideas through various processes and states that is evaluated from diverse perspectives. Moreover, they are encumbered with the failure because they are motivated to look at failures as first step to success. This is hugely critical issue that promotes creativity and equips team

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