Sunday, September 8, 2019

Controlling Organized Crime Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Controlling Organized Crime - Research Paper Example In addition, the proponent also describes the legal limitations associated with combating organized crime, including a critique of major federal laws and strategies that support this effort. Furthermore, in this paper, the proponent also suggests a realistic solution to control organized crime by discussing and evaluating the effectiveness of organized crime prosecutions. Problems and relationships established by organized crime Since organized crime associates itself with violent behaviors and culture, it usually results to criminal activities (Mallory, 2007; Lyman & Potter, 2007). These criminal activities include but not limited to â€Å"drug trafficking, transnational organized crime, nuclear smuggling, refugee movements, uncontrolled and illegal immigration, environmental risks and international terrorisms† (Edgar & Ifantis, 2007; Dandurand, 2007). Not only that, there are remarkable proofs associating organized crime with major corporations in massive organized criminali ty, corrupt relationship development, money laundering and drug trafficking (Lyman & Potter, 2007). These are all corresponding problems associated with organized crime. However, the sad part of this story is that these problems associated with organized crime substantially mirror the international troubles or global massive occurrence of criminality. In other words, organized crime groups have become complex in their control and even parameter. This leads the authority to place its entire effort in a substantially challenging way especially in alleviating or controlling illegal and criminal activities associated with organized crime. The problems therefore associated with the establishment of organized crime have become remarkably complex, leading every concern or nation to take courage in doing their fair share in combating its existence. After all, organized crime could now readily associate itself in whatever illegal activities in the world for as long as there is involvement of the achievement of its personal gain. Legal limitation associated with combating organized crime Combating organized crime indeed has legal limitation. For instance, there are some problems associated with organized crime which must move beyond the bound of sovereignty and traditional state responses (Edgar & Ifantis, 2007). The case of proliferating weapons of mass destruction is somehow something old but new due to varying legal acts incorporated to it by every nation or state. Therefore, as organized crime and its problems grow into massive portion of society’s issue with criminality, legal concerns must significantly rise as well in order to continue maintain peace and order situation that every person deserves for the protection and preservation of life, which is the fundamental civil right. However, some federal laws emancipated for addressing this concern might not fit well due to some other relevant issues. For example, the Patriot Act for instance is something benef icial in solving problems associated with crime especially those generated by the institution of organized crime. However, some issues against this act primarily concerned with the right and protection of individual identity. In other words, there are some legal concerns that at some point would hinder the full coverage of federal strategies in combating organized crime. On the other hand, the act of prosecutions cannot actually guarantee indictment. After all, the burden of proof

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