Monday, September 23, 2019

Partick O'Donnell City Councilman Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Partick O'Donnell City Councilman - Essay Example Chapters 13 and 15 of the book are titled, Counties, Special Districts and Regional Agencies and Issues for the New Century, respectively. This is because; the meeting being announced is scheduled for discussions on present matters that have a strong bearing on California’s future and welfare. Particularly, in pages 90-92 in chapter 13 of the book, Field discusses how regional agencies and corporate entities affect the growth and stability of the ‘golden state.’ In chapter 15 of the book, particularly in pages 102-108, the author divulges on and discusses the challenges that continue to beset Chicago. It is not in doubt that recent events in Chicago at the time would discuss the setbacks that Chicago would be facing at the time. It is also very likely that the prospects that the 7- eleven convenience stores bring towards Chicago’s security, economic development and local employment will be applicable in the meeting (Field, 90-3, 102-8). All these are indica ted in the index page 134. The summary of the article is effective since it amplifies the intent of the article and the meeting that it is intending to communicate. The success of the meeting is premised on the manner in which it communicates the intricacies of the message: the date (May 30th, 2012), the venue (Lawn Bowling Club Recreational Park) and the theme of the meeting (the 7- eleven convenience stores of Anaheim and Ximeno). The May 1st, 2012 article titled Chat with Special Guest: LBPD Specialist Kymberly Cloughesy is also important and successful since it communicates the challenges that Chicago has faced and the solutions that O’Donnell has proposed and continues to ratify. The article O’Donnell Keeps Long Beach Moving is also important since it explains O’Donnell’s rationale that having a flowing traffic is not only an efficient and fair way of using Chicago’s budget. Likewise, by expanding 405 Freeway

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